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Krystal Island Kush

Bred in house at Steel House from our own genetics
Introducing our Krystal Island Kush, or KIK. She is starting to turn pink and smells like lemons. Pink Lemonade would be another great name for her which is another benefit of phenohunting in general. The names we choose have the potential to have a legacy if the flower is legit. Let this pink lady lift your spirits and may your day be a little brighter!

Steel House Organics

Steel House Organics has had a passion for cannabis spanning many decades. Their expertise in cultivation and processing generates the optimal environment for the creation of a stellar product. Our meticulous no till garden design allows the plants to grow full and lush, without the need for salt-based nutrients or other additives. With the help of Red Bud Soil we are able to utilize natural, filtered, well water through the entire life cycle of the plant. There’s something special about Steel House Organics products that you won’t experience in many other gardens.

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